Finally, this effort is feeling conclusive, which I hoped for from the outset 2+ yrs ago. With the discovery of the socialist emergence from the "Jewish settlements in the Pale," the pure negativity of academic oligarchy the possibility of scientific rehabilitation in an aboriginal context. Cultural "fleshing" will continue with reprints of currently-relevant recently-historical experiences, often gangster, while "the Pale" experience is solidified upto present revolutionary efforts. The hope is to create a hinge with which to restore revolution as evolution after the excessively long period of oligarchic occupation -since 500BC.

Then, probably, the entire blog will be consolidated and "put to rest" with the first wikified writing about the occupy dialectic two years ago.

Royal "knock-out" gene: 2 KO sequences plus high IQ

Respose from David Bryant Green:
  • David Bryant Green This is good's true too a collective denial has set in among so many families of survivors ...they don't want to delve in to who collaborated in order to snitch out the people who were exterminated ...
  • John Bessa I point out Gens, the in-ghetto Jewish cop who loaded the trains to save the Jews, yet Jewish rationalists say he "had a difficult choice..." WTF is up w/ that? A fkn perfect Pinata, yet they bash Obama and Soros as anti-Semites when all those two wa...See More
  • John Bessa it could be that the obama/soros bashers did NOT suffer the holocaust THEREFORE have no problem w/ de-populating Palestine.. I point out that it was Wingate who inserted the behaviorally-motivated genocide, not hitler, hitler could not have, he created...See More

    "The problem" is in the solution, so things only get...
  • John Bessa ottoman breakup -> english mandate -> israel as capital/judeo-christian destabilization tool -> Islamic State (fair summary?)
  • John Bessa desired outcome is new world order for a single global economy w/ an intentional enemy: islam (which is ideal, actually, because it is didactic whereas western civilization is dialectic, in its orig form)

John Bessa actually break-up the USA into about 7 to10 canada-sized countries
David Bryant Green They tried that with the articles of confederation ...the constitutional convention was an attempt to unify the districts to a common currency and to make foriegn trade agreements ...not to mention paying down the debt to France ...
David Bryant Green It was promptly corrupted by all kinds of greedy hatefullness a point where we are a scattered bunch of vagrant work camp refugees amongst Isolated Resort retreats that are set aside for Oligahrchs and their minions...
Adam Scriven I assume by "Canada-sized" you mean by population, cause we're a bigger country by area than the USA is.
Dave Baxley What, France wanted money for us helping them to defeat the nation that they couldn't do on their own?
Dave Baxley How much did they pay for us to get the Germans out of their nation with little help from them?
David Bryant Green Yeah the greedy bastards ...
David Bryant Green they shipped the Vichy over to help run things ..
John Bessa huh? the constitution was a response to shays rebellion, which showed that the revolution was corrupted early on by slave-owning washington, jefferson, franklin, etc to preserve slavery that was becoming illegal in england -- there was also debtors court/jail that needed to be dealt with
David Bryant Green That was part of it ...
John Bessa states are still independent, if you have not noticed, and suffer from not being culturally and environmentally defined regions, identity -- might was well cut off the corruption of the south and south west including calif and become closer to environmental socialist europe as canada might do
John Bessa as they say in georgia, south carolina is too small to be its own country, and too big to be a mental hospital
John Bessa think about it, if the Nor East was indie, would trump survive more than a milli-second? I think not, not in the birthplace of hip hop
John Bessa Adam Scriven -- I have been feeling this since about 2003 when I was a trucker and realized that southerners are actually better people than us but suffer from horrendous government -- they are prevented from rebelling against post-slavery (that is what it still is) by the "republic" the work of Lincoln and others
John Bessa more than a decade later, I see some support and am thinking how to go about creating the regions -- the primary tool would be maps ranging from population areas and surrounding networks, recreation areas, etc to watersheds, ocean divides, mountain ridges, basic environmental/cultural regions
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John Bessa it would be easy actually, esp if you know the nation like I do from direct experience over a lifetime, zen helps you have to open your mind, not a leftist trait as leftism is oligarchic by defintion

"The problem" is in the solution, so things only get worse despite activists' best efforts. Two+…
John Bessa the then obvious path, after killing the freikorps in the Nor East would be to support revolution in each of the other regions, which, AFIAK have no money, it is all here in the NE
John Bessa THEN! we exterminate the "whites" which as I see them resemble both the anti-semetic czarists and nazis

John Bessa more on amerikka;s freikorps

John Bessa keep in mind that "whites" includes neo-zionist haters of arabs and their nazi-christian supporters -- the base group, JNF, is increasingly said to have sat on evidence of the Holocaust

David Bryant Green Have you ever gone through Ratzel & Chrystaller's models ?...
John Bessa nope use my own -- restorative to the natural state, reversing the synthesis that was immediatly identified as hegelian in occupy wall street -- the attack on the winter palace needed to be followed by an attack on bolshevism - now we kno
John Bessa yeah, Ratzel is synthesist as he is expansionist you showed me that before, we can just look at maps
John Bessa Christaller's Model of Central Place is also synthetic as the arrangement already exist organically, the tendency is to synthesize communal culture by depopulating natural culture (aboriginals and non-aborig natives) such as in both communism (via mar...See More
David Bryant Green I mean I agree however those maps need to include population density and all that blah blah stuff in order to balance the goods & services to service people's needs ...
John Bessa all we need is medicine, all else has long been created locally: housing, clothes, food, fun, why the medical oligarchy will survive, but only under strict supervision until all the HFA and psychosis can be eliminated
David Bryant Green Ratzel came up with the Central place theory ....Chrystaller refined it by making it three dimensional ....And it isn't synthetic ....what becomes synthetic are the ways that both demographic models have been applied ...
It's a real shame that both Ratzel and Diesel were mysteriously offed..

John Bessa I am suspicious because "planar" models in psychology were humanistic but not revolutionary, to evolve we must dump the pedophilic nature intentionally, and specifically as academic education -- all these did it w/in academia which why they might have been offed -- the final prophecy was the sacrifice of the innocent to decide the final lord: hitler or stalin
John Bessa here is a good reference, says the whole weinmar was doing that, but not watching the currency!
John Bessa why I oppose infation
David Bryant Green That's why those pricks murdered both of them ...then they applied the models to their scumbag weirdo intentions ...
Ratzel was an Anarchist who was about a realistic approach to equitable distribution ....

As it happened, calling corporate-influenced chief "hos":

John Bessa calling a corporate chief a "hoe" is an insult to sex workers tongue emoticon
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Barbara Low Actually, it is a gendered slur against all Women.
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John Bessa what about "man hos?|
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John Bessa why gender pronouns are bad and don't exist in pure aboriginal languages
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Barbara Low 'Reverse Sexism' does not exist. Thank you.
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John Bessa what we need is equality across the board, that is what I say, but I get resistance because.. you tell me
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Barbara Low Fuck equality. Give me equity. Ya, thanks.
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John Bessa Stanley Cohen is free

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