Finally, this effort is feeling conclusive, which I hoped for from the outset 2+ yrs ago. With the discovery of the socialist emergence from the "Jewish settlements in the Pale," the pure negativity of academic oligarchy the possibility of scientific rehabilitation in an aboriginal context. Cultural "fleshing" will continue with reprints of currently-relevant recently-historical experiences, often gangster, while "the Pale" experience is solidified upto present revolutionary efforts. The hope is to create a hinge with which to restore revolution as evolution after the excessively long period of oligarchic occupation -since 500BC.

Then, probably, the entire blog will be consolidated and "put to rest" with the first wikified writing about the occupy dialectic two years ago.

absolute need for pacifism

Christ's sermon on the mount organized the biggest religion, and family, in human history with his simple truths about love and forgiveness.  Buddhism, certainly, is similar as are normal, healthy family and societal constructs.  It is codified into civilization as pacifism always holds the high moral ground, but is often, if not usually, ignored by capital structures whose history includes consistent killing, and is "valorized" for it.  In evolutional terms, pacifism is empathy, which was the "evolutional revolution" that raised life from more-or-less mechanical reptiles, for instance, to animals that (or who), apparently, leveraged love for their children, as we do, to succeed in numbers and further "love-based" growth.

A perfect food group
Actual pacifism (rather than a political alignment) came to me as a direct result of an encounter violent animal rights activists at a pro-forestry meeting.  I spontaneously yelled "I AM A PACIFIST" over and over at mini-terrorists of a New York City vegan faction that was "valorizing" highly-illegal and insensible activity.  

While this "peace bomb" (that earned me many AR enemies) never fully-displaced the mix of societal conflict that is especially prevalent in poverty situations, it came in handy a short while later (especially as anti-terrorist) when all had to pull together on September 11, 2001 --what I termed "grey tuesday." I was well-positioned, but ultimately disappointed that the US failed to actually pull together.  The "9/11" event leveraged by the "Bush faction" to bring terror to the Iraq and a war that we are still fighting.

Over the next half-decade, I saw the constructive relationship between activity and information extended to DNA, say, within, nuts that are "known" by squirrels as seasonal-cyclic activity to become "scientific truth" as known by animals and described by animistic aboriginals through a mythological continuum.  DNA is the language of a beneficial "god" and a healthy "soul," which gets to the "sticky-bit."

In the red, green and black context, red has been the most disappointing because of proletariat (and perhaps peasant farmer) expectations of self-rule within communities, when, if fact, if they had read Marx they would have known that red as communism was "purposed" for industrial production: state capital.  Further, the commune idea had been objectified, probably by the Hegelians who modified Adam Smith's economics (known today as Ayn Randian objectivity).  Communities were to be stripped of filial community (especially including spirituality) and reconstructed as proletariat workforces for factories suddenly appearing as state capital: pure synthesis.  This was the first dialectical learning through Occupy where the goal was probably terror rather than industry.

Nonetheless, betrayal was felt most symbolically in the Kronstadt, a naval fortress in the narrow part of the Baltic that was once part of Finland.  The Kronstadt culture was probably just as we see in the rebels of the famous Battleship Potemkin, and the disappointment came with the arrival of Bolshevik micromanagers called apparatchiks: bureaucracy.  The overthrow of the white pogromists to restore natural, if industrialized, society was hijacked by a new, far more lethal, version of the pogromists in state capital: a mixture of red and white to form "pink" as secondary color coding.  

The Kronstadt rebelled to restore the expected revolution, but it was too late.  The oligarchic dialectic, as a philosophic force, had successfully intercepted evolutional restoration intended by the proletariat to preserve and improve the capital structure of the tsarists, but with vastly more efficiency --and violence-- to industrialize the capital structure.  This was Lenin, and also Trotsky, whose rationalized violence dominated the communist internationale, and not Stalin who simply leveraged the violence for control by following Marx's, Lenin's --and even Trotsky's-- exact instructions.  

                                             ---Kronstadt, 1921  By Paul Avrich

From the de-evolutional perspective, the violence of old white rule(s), and the betryal by the new "pink" rule(s) had something in common that strikes at every level of a defectively-dominated population.  From the empathic perspective, this is "the sticky-bit," and, in this view, results from a view of other organisms as inanimate because of an inability to feel the feelings of others; in other words, high-functioning autism.   To the defectively-dominant, all is anthropomorphic, and thus even beneficial society is a compromise: feelings of normal humans altered through behavioristic control via trauma, and animals killed outright for third-rate protein.

With the arrival of current genuine science (as it replaces the continuum of Aristotle's well-preserved syllogism), something changes in that we, as normal people, suddenly know precisely what to look for in others that could result in undesirable or damaging outcomes.  This is because we understand that form a "stack" that sandwich interrelational outcomes with neurological activity: neuro-sociology.  Problems, in this view, result from neurological dysfunction, and core problems result from DNA errors.  Simply knowing that there is logic there without understanding too much detail creates the confidence necessary to hold long-developed values that feel right in that they consistently produce beneficial outcomes.

This break-away is hyper-scientific in that it rejoins human thinking with historic natural continuum that precedes the egotistical civilization process that created the behavioristic (didactic) and cognitive (dialectic and metacognitive) strategies used in varying degress by every civilizing force, with the universal implementation of behaviorism as violent punishment for control.  

Key to the concept is guilt with so many contradictory meanings and maladaptive misuses that it should be replaced as word with actual meanings.  Guilt, however leads into concepts such as "right and wrong," "good and bad," and "normal vs. normalized" (maladaption made to appear normal, usually through statistics, for the benefit of capital).  "Good will vs. bad will," "need vs. greed," and "punishing bads not goods" are ideas that emerge as a segue to the restoration of natural, traditional implementation of beneficial activities with the abandonment of the non-beneficial, or maladaptive.

Guilt has no place in a fully-restored animistic aboriginal society pivoted on a core of healing, but is the only way to describe the beneficiaries of property protection: the violent protection of lands "annexed" from the public domain by the highly-violent; industrial equivalents where productive functionality replaces landed estates, and information property, perhaps the most extreme perversion of all as it was initiated by the child-rapist Socrates as the basis of alternative methods (to what is normal and natural rather than a restoration of the evolutional track).

Even with the hyper-science of neuro-sociology it is nearly impossible to abstract a restorative path in the face of the synthesis of civilized guilt, a concept which should not even exist.  Guilt, then, quite paradoxically falls to the core maladaption of failed DNA expressions, especially those that express as moral values.  The aboriginal solution was simple: kill these assholes as they attempt maladaptive control of the community, frighten the forest-community animals, and, especially, kill bears that, or who, are viewed as humans by aboriginal animists.  A hyper-science solution is equally simple and far more humane, pay them to not reproduce saving the World a bundle in the long run.  

Suddenly we encounter an area even more convoluted than guilt: civilized rights, the very thing we (are told we) are fully reliant on for personal freedom.  We are told we would be nothing without them, by our most trusted representatives, and we believe them even as aboriginals.  Rights are synthesized within the context of the civilizing process (we are told) to create a balance between human needs and capital exploitation to allow seemingly beneficial capital structures to grow for the benefit of all.  Aboriginal culture has no concept of rights because it is free already, and rights implementation for the benefit of aboriginals  usually results in horrific outcomes as premier right is the property right, the protection of wealthy "annexers" who took the aboriginal land, which is the public domain.  Even worse, the maladaptive are empowered through rights such that they can be placed positions of control over others, extending defective dominance within the civilized structure.  

Punishment in the color code
In this color-coded view, punishment, especially collective) is white as it is based on Jewish pogroms.  The white of the cossacks and waffen ss was apparently racist, where the view here is that the big difference between these and earlier numerically-lesser pogroms was the emergence of "red," or social responsibility in civilization.  This was to solve the problem of protecting capital from  maladaptives' perceptions of inefficiency in kindness.  Lenin's insertion of lethally-enforced bureaucracy into the proletariat revolution was likewise white; bureau means "office" in French.  There was a single change: the industrial head office (with its board rooms representing family capital), was filled with the neo-platonic elite of from oligarchic education institutions.  Lenin's (marxist) switch from red autonomy to white-ish state capital likewise made a single change; familial promotion seen as favoritism was replaced by party meritocracy and eventually academic grades (after Stalin).  Red mixed with white to be pink, and, from the evidence, pink genocide was  magnitudes beyond the pogroms of the white.

"Pinks" solving their problems
The killing by "pink" is impossible to deny.  In the conflicted history of the West, Ho Chi Minh stands as a respectable red, but his party structure killed more than a million, apparently by starvation just as Lenin and Trotsky had done.  His, or their, victims were landowners and especially their families, felt to be so guilty that they had to be killed, apparently starved to death.  The criteria for guilt was landownership and worker exploitation with no behavioral punishment solution as the family component likewise had to be killed including innocent children.  This is war crime in class war that seems to have a view that aristocratic greed is hereditary, but it is probably a simple case of the rational reduction of a complex situation to make it a vehicle for Hegel's "negation of negation" --a core communist value.

"Modernist" problem-solving
From the initiating occupy survey and its links to rationalism, especially hegelianism, all can easily see why communism had so much difficulty: Hegel's hate of "the abstract" was implemented by Engels and Trotsky as the material dialectic, the cornerstone of communism.  (Note that the "abstract" was allowed in the Soviet space program with spectacular results.)

If one allows for the "abstract" as one might imagined Aristotle did in his syllogism that developed into empiricism, then one has a white, modernist, civilized society with extensive, capital-oriented technology.  As civilized, it follows rules and non-voluntary ethics designed to convert natural morals into authoritarian window-dressing.  Civility prevents emotional outbursts and disruptions that my breach the boundaries of the rationally-reduced body of knowledge into isolated "disciplines" to prevent any from seeing the whole of capital exploitation.  It is ancient; Genesis initiated the fraud with Adam's and Eve's apple.

Defective Dominance is preserved
To the classical empiricist, even to this day, creativity is the schizophrenia of Diogenes.  Psychology and psychiatry seek to show empirical validity by "valorizing" certain mentally-ill to positions of control, and religion seeks evidence for the power of prayer by promoting the sick to positions of control thus moving farther into the realm of fantasy.  The "valorization" of maladaption through rationale, science and religion --and even universal rights-- is such that defective dominance necessary for capital exploitation, especially for killing, is preserved, especially after the failed experiment of communism.  Classical empiricism with its modernist cohort assures the future of the capital families, especially their highly--protected "bloodlines."  Prep school admission of the system of seven elites successfully determines exploitation by determining (and dialectically misleading) future policy-makers apparently as a birth right.

In this view, this birth right is a marker of maladaption, and the solution is birth control, especially for those who seek to install their progeny into policy positions.  Pink was resolved by its own failure by, apparently, the exclusion of the abstract, but white won't fail in its success, as the white endgame is the scorched earth industrial wastelands and the John 's final biblical prophecy extending ancient capital madness into what little future we have left.

If birth control is the solution to the reproductive component of "white" destruction through capital exploitation, it won't be with white cooperation.  "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" they may say, feigning pragmatism.  Pointing out the bigger picture will instantly frustrate, revealing the "sticky bit" of pacifism in this view.  

The empathic sticky-bit
Initially, the definition of empathy in the context to its opposites, un-empathy, and (more active) anti-empathy suggested a knowledge-base to stand on that can be used to identify, or point at, weaknesses that decay into maladaptions.  That did not happen because the un-, and anti-empathic as organized structures such as Plato's republic are so far ahead of the game, even creating pseudo-science models such as Nazism where mental health is considered weakness as opposed to the cruelty of efficient objectivism such as Ayn Rand describes.  (Mental hospitals, in this view, contain the traumatized and are run by the mentally ill just as in Fritz Lang's Dr Mabuse.)

Empathy is defined by current society as "healing" the unempathic, such that normal empathic people "wrap themselves" around the unempathic to understand their rationally-reduced objectiveness in the unempathic context, an adapt to it, and thus capitulate to it.  It is a simple trap laid long ago in spirituality and philosophy.  Fortunately, empathy as emotional communication is a two-way street; where each, or many, embraces others; the unemphatic embrace nothing except themselves.  When the empathic feel frustration, they know they have hit the brick wall of un-empathy, but if they express their frustration, "pooh-poohed" by well-inserte control structures within society.  They are often said to have "emotional problems" along the nazi lines (descending from neo-platonism) that emotion is weakness.  Frustration, when excessive and continual, gives way to trauma as the normally-empathic realize they have no future and their self-concept collapses.  Fortunately, it can be restored, but the root problems of un- and anti-empathy have to be halted by defining two sub-species, 1) normally empathic, and 2) deliberately-genetically-devolved to assure and enhance exploitation.

Evidence implicating the dialectic as the "moderator" of social restoration in parallel with socio-neurological de-evolution creates a "negative" view such that restoration efforts can target the specific oligarchy problem in evolutionary terms.  Individuals with disproportionate societal control and those within activist groups come from ancient, well-preserved empirically-centric communities that consistently leverage pseudo-sciences such as psychology and psychiatry.  (Sociology seems immune.)

This gives the normally empathic of the red, green, and black a place to stand on the Earth, which is becoming increasing scorched, to attack the monstrosity of rational reduction through its soft, white underbelly.  Ironically, oligarchic structures are dependant on the neural collaboration of the normally empathic as it is necessary for innovation efforts necessary for economic growth.  They have successfully convince the normally empathic that violent anti-empathic control by, say, the police is necessary for societal organization.  Violence is only necessary to deal with anti-empathic, though it may be possible to structure anti-empathic decline by rationalizing birth control for the un-empathic --just a thought.   Oligarchic dependency on normality is real; oligarchs cannot program, and thus not automate, empathy beyond their farce of classical thinking such as in the socratic method of alternatives where creativity is schizophrenic.

The empathic sticky-bit throws pacifism on a curve that far-eastern cultures have attempted to embrace by introducing pacifism into war through buddhism.  This, of course, would be familiar as Zen, but is also the basis of "the art of war."  Perhaps this combined with hyper-science can invent instruments capable of synthetically restoring neural constructs in the anti-empathic so that they suddenly, chemically, find it in their hearts to stop the system of pain and destruction. Conveniently, there are no rights in war, which is pretty much the definition of war.

Purple gun, a medical diagnostic weapon that may also
deliver genetic therapy to make the anti-empathic normal.

Conversation on FB with "NY undergrounder" David Green (now above ground):
  • John Bessa also missing are the "attempts" to end evil esp when Ho Chi Minh starved the families of the landowners, esp children: 1 million to 1.5 million
  • John Bessa I also need to specify the neurology necessary for emotional communication (feeling others' feelings) rather than "out of control" (psychosis) as the psychotic cannot leverage control for long, because they have empathy (most of the time) and lack control necessary for oligarchy. bottom item in the picture (not the box)
  • John Bessa thx for the shares and the likes
  • David Bryant Green Always John're a wild man ....Thank you for your honest perspective ...It's refreshing to be told that I'm full if shit by someone who knows the issue well enough ...and cares enough to be honest ..
  • John Bessa soooo... you thought empathy was taught, when in fact it is constructed from life using god-given neural constructs? we used to say in technology, "trust the system" here the natural system
  • David Bryant Green I don't know , I tend to feel that it becomes a combination of ....nature/nurture ...individually ..
  • John Bessa people who experiment w nature/nurture tend to do really sick things, there was a great law and order episode, since it is nature and you cannot NOT nurture (child abuse), then you are stuck w/ observation where the nature is relationships with natural animals that happen spontaneously: nature, obviously children learn from their parents and community (constructivism), but the empiricism of didactic teaching (controlled nurture) has to force itself in, as aborigionals didnt have/need it

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