Finally, this effort is feeling conclusive, which I hoped for from the outset 2+ yrs ago. With the discovery of the socialist emergence from the "Jewish settlements in the Pale," the pure negativity of academic oligarchy the possibility of scientific rehabilitation in an aboriginal context. Cultural "fleshing" will continue with reprints of currently-relevant recently-historical experiences, often gangster, while "the Pale" experience is solidified upto present revolutionary efforts. The hope is to create a hinge with which to restore revolution as evolution after the excessively long period of oligarchic occupation -since 500BC.

Then, probably, the entire blog will be consolidated and "put to rest" with the first wikified writing about the occupy dialectic two years ago.
John Bessa updated the description.
This is a mirror of a critical inquiry into the Occupy movement.  It started with a hypothesis that there is "a copy of the problem within a movement that the movement is attempting to solve. Starting with the Occupy premise that oligarchy is "the problem," a copy of the problem was found: the dialectic, which was (or still is) the "process" of oligarchic synthesis as created by the founders of Western Civilization: Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.

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