Finally, this effort is feeling conclusive, which I hoped for from the outset 2+ yrs ago. With the discovery of the socialist emergence from the "Jewish settlements in the Pale," the pure negativity of academic oligarchy the possibility of scientific rehabilitation in an aboriginal context. Cultural "fleshing" will continue with reprints of currently-relevant recently-historical experiences, often gangster, while "the Pale" experience is solidified upto present revolutionary efforts. The hope is to create a hinge with which to restore revolution as evolution after the excessively long period of oligarchic occupation -since 500BC.

Then, probably, the entire blog will be consolidated and "put to rest" with the first wikified writing about the occupy dialectic two years ago.

Occupy insanity:

Pro-police DC "pacifists" (led by Chris Hedges) VS. black bloc militants of NYC & Greece -- Occupy Wall Street oligarchy embraces Hedges -- original Wall Street occupiers balk, and some walk.

My take is that the Hedges is simply another version of the same old problem that links left and right working together to destroy the American working class for the benefit of cheap plastic products, and dominant oligarchies of China (Mandarin) and India (upper-caste Hindus). Perhaps the Black Bloc is right to target Hedges, I would probably do the same, but for different reasons.

I personally have a big problem with Chris Hedges being an official signer of the Stop the Repression of Occupy Wall Street. Personally I think he is helping the police and the state not to mention publicizing and exploting the divisions created among the various occupiers over tactics. Putting his name on this sends a message that OWS officially supports his position and divides us more. When one element in Chicago [Hedges supporters] starts turning in or fighting other elements [Black Bloc] we will see that this was a huge mistake. Comments ????

 ·  ·  · March 1 at 12:04pm

    • John Bessa Hah! So should I invite the black bloc? Because I bet they will come -- they are, almost by definition, marginalized and will accept any "port in a storm"

    • Feral Sage 
      Because this page is supposed to be devoted to critical inquiry, I have to refute the statement that Black Bloc "are, almost by definition, marginalized and will accept any 'port in a storm'." In the first place, there is no such thing as "...See More

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