Finally, this effort is feeling conclusive, which I hoped for from the outset 2+ yrs ago. With the discovery of the socialist emergence from the "Jewish settlements in the Pale," the pure negativity of academic oligarchy the possibility of scientific rehabilitation in an aboriginal context. Cultural "fleshing" will continue with reprints of currently-relevant recently-historical experiences, often gangster, while "the Pale" experience is solidified upto present revolutionary efforts. The hope is to create a hinge with which to restore revolution as evolution after the excessively long period of oligarchic occupation -since 500BC.

Then, probably, the entire blog will be consolidated and "put to rest" with the first wikified writing about the occupy dialectic two years ago.

Occupy Fithian's occupy-training programme: containerized control, or meme

Note: getting closer to the dialectic as this resembles Dialectic Behavioural Therapy (DBT)

I "friended" "Occupy Chappell" (FB text below) and found that he is promoting Lisa Fithian's training management program, which I say (in another article) is simply feeding "sheep to the slaughter." From a video link that Chappell provided, I learned that Fithian is attempting to create accountability, presumably by getting kids busted -- which, of course, sounds insane.

Watching the Fithian video confirmed that she promotes a pure management style that works to alter "critical inquiry" towards actions by behaviorally altering naturally occurring questions in ways that don't resemble authority but appear to be democratic, and even aboriginal. But this, to me, reminiscent of behaviorists Skinner and Lineham (who has confessed to severe mental illness). Even more so, she continually mentions "containors," which is her term for the "meme" of selfish-gene evolutionist Dawkins: contain and control to remove critical inquiry, which Fithian (correctly) describes as blocks.

Explaining to Chappell that facilitation is about experience and self-actualization:

I cited for Chappell the original facilitator who is Carl Rogers by explaining that all people, and even animals, have their own innate abilities to self-facilitate themselves in the context of experience, and the conceptions created from experience. The key concept is of course "experience," and through Rogers' compatriot became the core of change staring in the 60s. Chappell and Fithin provide strong evidence that "experience" is being replaced with ancient and oligarchic didactic control of the dialectic -- which is, by definition, the oligarchy of academia.

My argument is that the underlying struggle is really neurological; that those who cannot self-facilitate, and need Fithian to orchestrate self-defeat, are in fact, lacking the neurology necessary for "facilitating the experience" and hence must attempt to use behavioral controls and them disguise as Rogers' facilitation (as we see in control-type psychotherapies). Of course their success is only partial, and a good portion of Occupy has opted for the traditional experience and combats the control "circle" led by Hedges and behaviorally empowered by Fithian. A prerequisite for acceptance in the Hedges Occupy faction (that controls OWS) is to put your head on the chopping block of criminality with ideas from Fithian suggesting that you are somehow helping create accountability.

"Occupy Chappell" decays to a battle of the egos:
As I attempted to promote the progressive ideas of synergy, constructivism, and humanistic experience, which give each organism credit for the ability of self-determination, Chappell said I was condescending, called me an academic "jingoist," and accussed me of "pushing my weight around." I told him he did not have to be my friend, but he remained to "fight me" more, which suggests Lineham's self-described disease: borderline personality disorder. He further accused me of using the "double-edged sword" of academia and street experience (in ways that suggest that he is projecting) when, in fact, my environments have been the forests (and other nature), museums, and libraries! My academic experience is purely for certification requirements.

In the end, he agrees to a "battle of the egos," to fight me as I am, in his view, a central authority so that he can employ a strategy that he describes as a deconstructionist blender-mixing of all humanity's ideas to synthesize something that is superior. I assume that he will expect all to accept his synthesis, and hence tells us why he needs Fithian's non-experiential facilitation proccesses.

Then, oddly, he wrote "check your privilege" suggesting to me that he was threatening me with a "computer hack."

I think it is imperative to put all the Occupy facts together. The power-central faction of Occupy (OWS) is becoming the cult phenomena that plagued the 60s anti-war and environmental movements, but with new-found sophistication. It is most alarming that Occupy is apparently dominated by a writer, Chis Hedges, who has long "rationalized" global terror, and has in lectures advocated using assault weapons (according to witnesses on FaceBook). This suggests that the controlling desire of cults that alter thought may ultimately be to create a terror group from Occupy's OWS. However, despite it's modern psychological sophistication, this faction is still finding it impossible to disguise its oligarchic nature, largely because, I believe, of the inherent mental illness of oligarchy--which is the good news. Clearly a keyword is "synthesis," which, by definition, means unnatural, and thus contradicts one of the purposes of Occupy, which is to restore nature, including human nature--and especially the natural experience. (Fithian argues that Occupy has no purpose, that it is a "rudderless ship," as a rationale for her type of management style. Then why facilitate a meaningless uprising in the first place? Why not actually build a rudder!?)

My "Occupy" activity is strictly in the context of "critical inquiry" using FB as a source, and my conversations here are increasingly become battles between experience (which I write about as a "new world" traditional experience) and the "old world" dialectic (which is the old-word strategy to synthesize a new form of human, first for the benefit of the aristocracy, but ultimately working to create control structures such as communism; as Plato said, "when all kings are [oligarchic] philosophers." Oligarchy has been called fascism form the very beginning; fascism, along w/ all its apparatus and tricks, is solely Plato's invention. European philosophy's synthetic "new human," or perhaps existential "super human" is, to me, simply a mental patient.

Below is the text of the conversation:

John Bessa to Occupy Chappell [writing to Occupy Chappell about facilitaiton]:
Hmm, that would be "the facilitation of the beginning facilitation experience" -- no training necessary-- you already know how -- born that way

Occupy Chappell to John Bessa:
very much disagree. we are not born with the ability to fcilitate toward concensus. learning proper facilitation is an absolute necessity, and has been a small stumbling block for theoccupy community.

John Bessa:
if we were not born that way, or more specifically, it was not written in our DNA, then we could not have evolved -- you may be confused by the fact that that DNA is being erased in the way evolutionist Dawkins describes as the "selfish gene" (but not in the way he means it)

oligarchy exists to create "manuals" for those who lack an experiential "frame of reference" -- academia

[Facilitation] is also related to [what is called] self-concept by Rogerians, whereas academians have personality disorders that disable their experience process: narcissism, written OUT of their DNA

[this is] why the return to nature is necessary for human survival: hippies and surviving aboriginals

do you know john penley?

Occupy Chappell:
john penley? knew a constance penley... art critic ?

John Bessa:
nyc lower east side anarchist occupier in NC

Occupy Chappell:
i'm out west

John Bessa:
OK, he is organizing Rep and Dem conventions -- he is Hedge's nemesis

John Bessa:
LES anarchists fight with Hedges and Zeese every single day

Hedges is having the police arrest them, which is reason for his "pacifist" strategy
apparently, because he is no pacifist -- [he has] encouraged people to use AK 47s [in lectures according to witnesses]

Occupy Chappell:
.fek that shit. u serious???

John Bessa:
one title: one day we will all be terrorsts
for real
one of my FB friends said that he said in a lecture that "there comes a time to use assault weapons"

Occupy Chappell:
hafta run toward a meeting. did you friend me to use my page to blow up a personal agenda? would love discussions

and in depth ones at that, but not necessarily thru my personal FB page.

John Bessa:
not a personal agenda -- constructed research based mostly on Synergy, Humanistic, and Constructivsm

you might think is it personal if you don't recognize those words
but it isnt

you don't have to be my friend, that is your choice
perhaps your ego will not allow critical inquiry
process problems

Occupy Chappell:
hmmm... yer position is one of condescension... check yer priviledge, mate. i understand everyone of yer jingo

lingo words... am highly schooled in academia as well as the streets of life... so why you pull yer double edged sword here? my ego is willing to engage with yer ego... yer ego seems to be highly invested in pushing its weight around? i come from this position: people ACCUSE others of what they fear most IN themselves? that beingsed, is yer ego willing to engage in a critical inquiry without foisting itself as the central authority?

John Bessa:
rational reduction
tell me, what does rational reduction mean?

Occupy Chappell:
is this a feckin test?
seriously, i find reductive tinking to be less conducive to effective critical tinking than a process of exploding domains/slash paradigms/concepts and tossing them into schroedinger's black box to shake them up, dump them out, and reconfigure a new domain, that takes those aspects that share some functional/empirical/practical and yes, let's throw in abstract similarities, to create a sythesis of the best of all possibilities.

Occupy Chappell:
check yer priviledge...

John Bessa:
you do reductive thinking, dialectic, didactic: training, because you are missing key neurons -- you are mentally ill, you have no business telling others what to do
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