Finally, this effort is feeling conclusive, which I hoped for from the outset 2+ yrs ago. With the discovery of the socialist emergence from the "Jewish settlements in the Pale," the pure negativity of academic oligarchy the possibility of scientific rehabilitation in an aboriginal context. Cultural "fleshing" will continue with reprints of currently-relevant recently-historical experiences, often gangster, while "the Pale" experience is solidified upto present revolutionary efforts. The hope is to create a hinge with which to restore revolution as evolution after the excessively long period of oligarchic occupation -since 500BC.

Then, probably, the entire blog will be consolidated and "put to rest" with the first wikified writing about the occupy dialectic two years ago.

Occupy LSD-25 at the Rainbow Gatherings:

There were two "accidental" deaths in two years at gatherings (one at each gathering). One was a man who fell from a tree, and the other was an experienced hiker who froze to death. Taking into consideration the full scope of psychosis of all the bad tripes I have observed, and after much meditation on the topic, I conclude that both deaths were LSD related. Asking the Rainbow family to resist LSD-25 at future gatherings is not much to ask as LSD is the product of synthesis. It was invented by big pharma, tested and thus introduced by the CIA, and distributed by the aristocracy, the Mellon family of Carnegie-Mellon. It was "sanctified" and promoted by the addicted academic (and hence oligarch), Harvard professor Timothy Leary, and I believed helped assure that the youth culture would not be able to resist the regression we now experience.

The failed experiment was not so much the LSD itself, but the participation of the oligarchy/aristocracy in the return to aboriginality with their synthesis. Synthesis is, of course, the product of Plato, who also gave us the roadmap for civilization, which is the process of killing aboriginals largely through child rape, as aboriginals are resistant to the rational reduction that "civilized" school children accept (or be raped). One can draw straight lines from Plato to George Washington, Karl Marks, Hitler, Stalin, and the animal rights rationalist and terror supporter, Ingrid Newkirk.

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